What is a CV and how to write one

Curriculum vitae

What is a CV (Curriculum vitae)? It is an overview of a person’s education, working experience and skills, it is mostly used by a person who is looking for a job and helps the potential employer to get a better insight into the candidate’s qualifications.

Usually a CV is short, it lists the person’s education qualifications, jobs and skills, as well as the basic information about the author of the CV (date and place of birth, contact information etc.)

What is a CV for a person seeking employment? It is a way to provide the most important information about yourself that is relevant and will possibly get you the desired position, basically an advertisement.

What is a CV for an employer? It is a document that allows for an understanding of whether that specific candidate is suitable for the job. But at the same time it is short and structured so that the employer has no need to read through a mass of text that describes the author in his or her own words.

When writing your Curriculum vitae

There are several points you should keep in mind when writing your CV in order for it to meet the standard requirements and present you as a successful employee.

  • Keep it short (2-4 pages)

Mention only the most important dates and places. It is important to say where and when you received your education and where you have worked before, but do not describe how you liked it there or how good you were at your other jobs. This is something that can be included in other additional materials, like a cover letter.

  • Fill out the different fields according to standard

There are rules and regulations on how to write a CV and they can vary from country to country. Basically what is a CV?  It is a formal document about you, keep it that way. Prior to writing find out what the standard for curriculum vitae is in your country.

  • Mention something about your personality

Do not be afraid to include some personal information about yourself like hobbies and qualities. Just remember to keep it short, informative, relevant and appropriate. After all what is a CV meant to do if not to provide as much important information about you as possible?