The ideas of new online businesses

Unconventional thinking can help you to discover how to apply your interests and goals for establishing your online business most appropriately. You may consider existing effective Internet businesses, which could work for you.

Affiliate marketing

Well, this is not a new business. Throughout the life of the Internet resources people speak about potential profitability of affiliate marketing. Marketing experts say that this is is one of the best and easiest ways to start an online business.

Inquiry assistant

If you think there are too many inquiry assistants on the Internet and do not want to compete with them, you are wrong. An inquiry assistant usually services a targeted market and that can give you a competitive advantage. Let’s say you are an avid reader of fiction. Why not to start an online inquiry assistant for fiction authors?


Do you have a special style of writing? Do you love writing? Offer online service for those who need good texts.

Beaded jewellery shop

Do you love beading? The best choice for you is to start your online business, which will allow sell not only your jewellery but also video tutorials about techniques of beading.

Hand-made jewelry shop is a perfect business for a craftswoman.
Hand-made jewelry shop is a perfect business for a craftswoman.

Vintage clothing shop

Perhaps you have a passion for antiques, and you know its value? You can make money off this.

Marketing consulting by e-mail

Email marketing consulting has become a popular Interent service today. Though unfortunately, many companies do not take it seriously. Well, their loss!

Consultation on business

Every day new business coaches appear at the Internet market, and you could do the same.

Life coaching

Life can be difficult, and sometimes people just need a bit of wise tips or support.

Video editing service

Sure, people can edit their videos at home using conventional software, but perhaps you are talented in video graphics? This work supposes your ability to disclose stories through video images. If you can do this, maybe this business idea will suit you!

Small business market research

Every business, even small one, needs a market research. You may help small business owner by solving their problems and providing them necessary information and consultation, but this would require good research skills from you and your ability to analyze news in business.

Personal finance coaching

The major skill is this sphere is information and data arrangement. Who are the users of such service? The clientele is wide: from students and housewives to business executives.

Parenting/bringing up coaching

If you are super mom (or a nanny), why not share your experience online? Parenting is not easy for everyone, thousands of people seek for professional advice and support every day.

Marriage coaching

Nearly 50% (or even more) of marriages end up with a divorce, and therefore it is obvious that such service has met a demand now. If you are interested in marriage and family psychology, this could be the business of your dreams.

Online surveys service

Polls are important in every business sector, but many companies do not have enough time to create and conduct surveys. If you are inquisitive by nature, and know how to ask good questions, this business you will like to do.

Presentation creating

There is nothing worse than listening to a long and boring PowerPoint presentation. Although many speakers and business coaches have a wonderful material, they do not always know how to convert it to an exciting and interesting presentation. If creating visual arts is your forte, and you are an advanced user PowerPoint, consider the establishing of services for creating online presentations.