Planning your own business? Start with a free business plan template

Business planning

Drawing up your own business can be difficult, confusing and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. There is a variety of helpful tools that you can find and use online; one of them is a free business plan template.

There are websites that offer you samples of business plan templates; this can give you an overall understanding and perhaps some useful tips and ideas to include in your own business plan.

Other websites will just offer you to download a free business plan template that you can then use on your computer and fill out the pre-made fields. This is very convenient because most of the types of information that you need is already included, you just need to fill out the details of your particular desired future business.

However, there are even easier ways; some websites actually offer you to answer several questions about the business that you have in mind. The answers to those questions will then be used to design your own business plan with a template that is customized to your specific needs and ideas, thus providing you with a personalized free business plan template with all the personal details in mind.

Popular business plan categories

When looking for a specific free business plan template on the Internet, you can find several types of templates that most commonly used.

  • Restaurant, café and bakery

Different kinds of business plan templates for all sorts of eateries.

  • Medical and health care

You can find a free business plan template for doctors, medical billing companies, hospitals and more.

  • Retail and online store

Business plans for clothing stores, online stores and e-businesses.

  • Services

Business plans for accountants, insurance agents and cleaning services.