Start business today in America

Today more than 20 million small businesses are registered in the USA. This business sector is so developed that about 1 million of new small enterprises appear in America every year.

How to start up a firm?

Articles of business statistics show that every third family is involved in a small business. Remarkably, most of them start with a budget of only $1500-5000. Just in a couple of years, these companies manage to turn a profit. Business projects may bring more than $1 million annually. Business owners from the United States tend to start up a firm on their own funds. Borrowed money is used in less than 10% of cases. The majority (over 90%) of business persons prefer to take the money from:

  • their family;
  • relatives;
  • close friends;
  • their own savings.
90% of American fresh entrepreneurs borrow money for startup from relatives and friends.


According to statistics, small businesses in the United States are often launched as home offices. Such a start is characteristic for more than a half of small businesses, and they manage to develop successfully. The initial investment in such firms do not exceed $25.000. Small companies in the United States take loans for a start-up in the amount of not more than $100.000. Practice shows that American entrepreneurs are reluctant to pay debts. The loans are taken not only in banking organizations. Venture capital funds are very popular, many of them are ready to finance dubious business programs. In total, the organizations of this type invest in small enterprises about $36 billion each year.

Features of business projects in the US

This is a small business in the United States: examples of doing business allow to realize the enormity of small enterprises. A small company in the United States is characterized by:

  • staff ranging from 1 to 1500 people;
  • the ability to develop a promising and profitable business projects for women;
  • annual turnover of up to $15 million.

According to current market news, small businesses in America may relate to sales of groceries or underwear, foodservice, and refining.
Another unique feature of American small business is loyalty and adaptability for women’s projects. More than 9 million women are officially registered as managers of small firms in the United States. Each year they earn huge sums. Statistics indicate the figures ranging between $180-200 billion.
Why is small business in this country so promising and profitable? The fact is that it is actively supported by state acts, documents and legislation as a whole. The authorities believe that without this business sector the state economy cannot be promising and successful. That is why entrepreneurial projects find so much support. First of all, this is manifested in the advanced and highly flexible system of taxation.