The Wall Street Journal: best business news

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is one of the largest and most influential American newspapers. This is a business newspaper, published six times a week in New York by the company Dow Jones & Company. The WSJ traces its history back to 1889. In 2013 the newspaper circulation was nearly 2.4 million of copies, including about 900 thousand paid subscriptions on the Internet. There are European and Asian editions of the newspaper. The paper covers the news in business, politics, economy, finance, analytics, and culture.
The name of the newspaper directly refers to Wall Street, the street of New York and the financial centre of the United States. The newspaper itself is primarily devoted to international and American business news.

Dow Jones & Company

Dow Jones & Company was founded in 1882 by an American firm specializing in the collection and provision of financial information. During its long history, the company has maintained its reputation and the principles of work. The company’s business credo is providing reliable financial news.
At the beginning, Dow Jones & Company worked according to a simple principle. The reporters visited bank offices, betting shops and other financial institutions: they gathered news, interviews, and other useful information. Then these materials were delivered to the office by messengers, who were attached to each employee. Then the information was processed by the editor and delivered to subscribers.
In 1889 Dow Jones & Company had 50 employees. There were more and more events on Wall Street and leaflets for distribution could not accommodate the whole amount of information. July 8 1889 the first edition of The Wall Street Journal was released. The newspaper always maintained his independence and impartiality in the news.

There is always a lot of activity in the office of Dow Jones & Company.
There is always a lot of activity in the office of Dow Jones & Company.

In early May 2007, there was information in financial circles that the Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch intends to purchase Dow Jones & Company. By the way, Murdoch’s News Corp. includes, in particular, the British newspapers The Times and The Sun, the American New York Post, about 170 other newspapers, the TV channel Fox Newsand the studio Twentieth Century Fox. Murdoch has already showed willingness to buy the company. The price of the proposed transaction was to be $ 5 billion.
When the information about the sale of Dow  Jones &Company appeared, its shares have risen in price by 60%. But the Bancroft family, which has been the owner of Dow Jones & Company  for 125 years, rejected the offer so far. One of the main reason was the reputation of Rupert Murdoch. Dow Jones & Company and The Wall Street Journal has always been advocating the independence and quality information. The newspaper journalists and the company owners fear that after the sale these principles will not be so important anymore.

WSJ in numbers and facts

Until November 2003 the newspaper had the largest circulation in the United States, but was surpassed by USA Today. In 2013 WSJ reached the first position again. Its main competitor today is Financial Times published in London, which also has several international editions.
The newspaper has won the Pulitzer Prize 39 times.
The newspaper has 85 offices in 51 countries with over two thousand employees.
In 2005, the WSJ reported on the characteristics of its average reader: about 60% work in executive teams, the average income is 191 000 dollars, and the average age is 55 years.