Wall street journal

What is it?

Wall Street journal is one of the largest and the most authoritative printed additions in the world.The business paper is published six days a week in New Yourk by Dow Jones & Company since 1889. In the year of 2013 marketing wall street journal published a circulation of almost 2, 4 millions of copies, including about 900 subscriptions in the Internet. There are European and Asian publishing offices.The content of the paper includes the political, economic, financial, analytical and cultural news.

Facts about Walls Street Journal

Until November 2003 walls journal had the greatest circulation in USA, when USA Today got over it. However in 2013 WSJ made up for that by coming back to the first position. The main opponent of Walls Street Journal is The Financial Times which also has several international publishing offices.

The newspaper’s name is directly related to Wall Street, the New York’s street and a financial center in USA. First and foremost, the paper itself is dedicated to American and international financial business articles.

The Wall Street Journal has been printed starting with its foundation in July 8th 1889 byCharles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser. The newspaper has won Pulitzer Prizes for 39 times.

There are more than two thousand employees in 85 correspondent offices in 51 world countries.

In 2005 WSJ reported the characteristics of their average reader: about 60% are in executive team, an average income is 191 000 dollars and an average age is 55 years.