How to deal with complaints


Maintaining reputation in the times of small business info can be either hard or easy. An overwhelming social media made everything more simple: you have no difficulty moving your business ahead by sharing your offerings and other ads. At the same time any customer can leave their opinion on every single thing. The information that floods social networks can both improve and ruin your reputation.

Letters of complaint can do a lot of harm to your business.
Letters of complaint can do a lot of harm to your business.

Only 20 years ago the only sources of advertisement used to be posters, newspapers and magazines, TV and other means of mass media. In case a customer had something to complaint about, he turned to a manager. The letters of complaint would rarely become public. Today it is different. As mentioned by forbes companies, the way of serving customers has changed. Nowadays a client can say anything by tweeting, making a status or doing a blog.
If you got a negative review, no matter if it was true or not, something must be done. If you pay no attention to it, it won’t do any good to your company. We listed some recommendations that my help you out.

Get positive reviews

It is a good idea to have a plan how to prevent negative reviews. In the first stages of making a business you should focus on it. This is essential for small business, when your business has not expanded yet. For bigger companies a few bad reviews won’t be disastrous as they already have a strong reputation. They already have a great number of reviews, so destroying their image is not so easy.
When you have just started a business, getting complaints are unaffordable for you. However you cannot be liked by everyone, so one day you will probably read a letter of complaint dedicated to your service.

Don’t get upset and try to solve the situation

Assure your customer that he is wrong and that everything can be solved in a peaceful way. Try to find a compromise, offer a discount, free product or give money back. No matter how hard you try, no matter how right you are, you will never win an argument with a unsatisfied client.

Don’t join a debate

If your customer has already posted a review, do not try to reassure them online. It will only ruin your reputation, as other people are likely to take a side of an upset client. Instead of reassuring, just apologize for having delivered some troubles once. After that send a private massage to a client to solve the problem.

Make short answers

The best response is a short, private and polite letter. It must recognize what has been wrong and give a solution. If your customer is already open to a calm conversation, you may ask them to remove a complaint. Assure the client that you want everyone to see that you are able to meet the letters of complaint and you want to reach a positive conclusion.

If the client disagrees to seek compromise and you have no choice left, you may return online and upload your answer that will contain you vision of situation. In this way you will look as a professional who concerns about their business.

How to save your health while working

Our office workers spend their days mostly in front of computers. Is it worth mentioning that our lifestyle reflects our health? How does your lifestyle affect your health?
Your metabolism is not that good as it used to be, and your backbone aches. You get tired very easily, and the fatigue chases you during a whole day from the very morning.
No wonder why it happens. You spend you work week onto your desk, in a car, on a couch day after day. All this activities do not make you healthier or stronger. As a result, you feel like you are dying. The only thing that may help you is changing your habits.

If you have a sitting job you are likely to have certain health problems
If you have a sitting job you are likely to have certain health problems

Move more

No matter how busy you may be, it is necessary to do some breaks at least for 5 minutes in every hour. Your heart and blood vessels will say “thank you” if you get up and do some easy exercises or just walk around every hour. In addition it will help your brain concentrate more on your task.

Don’t skip your doctor’s appointments

Sometimes we dive into hard work so much that we forget to visit a doctor when it is necessary putting it off for a next week. It is a mistake. Unless you visit your doctor in a good time you may skip a moment when you need help.

Healthy diet

What you eat has a greater effect on our health than anything else. Right diet that includes necessary vitamins and nutrition will help you feel more energetic, healthier and complete more tasks during the day doing more business. Cut down in consuming sweets and fatty food, not only they bring problems with metabolism, they make you feel fatigue and do not fill you with much energy.

How to reduce harm of your sitting job?

Keep your back straight. Wrong posture not only makes you suffer from such problems with backbone as scoliosis, it also slows down normal work of your body.
• Keep your feet on the floor. It will help you to keep a posture.
• Do some brakes. Get up every 30-60 minutes to walk around.
• Walk more. Use elevator less. Start walking at least for short distances instead of taking a taxi.
• Add more activities to your routing. Take up swimming or yoga classes, start running. The researchers say that people who work outdoors get less tired than indoors ones.
• 40-minute walking after work will help to improve your muscles and blood vessels’ functioning.
• Use bicycle. This form of transport is much more environmentally-friendly and cheaper than cars. Moreover, it is a great exercise for your body.
• Forget about TV. Choose only active pastime. Go skating, skiing, playing volleyball, tennis, hiking – all that will improve your physical and emotional health.



How to revive your restaurant business


Restaurant is a kind of business that cannot exist without having a unique atmosphere

An outstanding interior of your restaurant is not enough to make your client return to you again and again. To keep loyalty of you customers you need to build a successful business. If your restaurant does not bring the income you expect, it is time you reconsidered some aspects of your business. There are some tricks that might help you maintain your business success.

Attract new people

The more people know about your restaurant, the more they are likely to visit you. Use e-mail and social networks to let your potential clients know what you can offer. Add to your advertisement eye-catching menu that will encourage people to try your food. Use posters near your restaurant that will reflect all the new offerings, changes and discounts at your place. Turn for help to professionals who may help you attract more customers.

System of rewards

This is a tactic that never gets old. The system of discounts, various points and free presents is sure to help you to attract attention of your clients and make them show up in your restaurant again. The psychological trick used for that is quite simple: people easily get all excited with a game where they can get something cheaper or even for free. Try to imagine something unordinary that will catch an eye of your potential clients. It may be organized games or other free gifts systems that work well.

Customer service

No need to explain that customer service is a visit card of a restaurant as well as the menu and food quality. Try to analyze your service. What needs improvement? Have you ever received any complaints on your workers? What can be done about it? If your clients decide that the service in your restaurant leaves much to be desired, the chances they will return are very slight.
Make sure you have got enough staff in your restaurant and that it is equipped with all the necessary appliances that will make work of your employees more effective.

Adding alcohol to your menu

If your restaurant does not offer any alcohol spirits, it may be time to reconsider. Many restaurants find alcohol a significant part of their income that covers a lot of excuses. The thing is that the alcohol drinks often become an essential part of any kind of celebration. That is why if you expect to make more money by arranging festive banquets in your restaurant, adding alcohol to menu is necessary.
The common problem restaurant owners usually face is that alcohol licenses sometimes are too costly. In this situation it is advised to buy a beer or wine license as they are the cheapest and can satisfy the majority of alcohol lovers.

Do not write a novel

It is not a good idea to make your clients read an endless list of dishes you can offer them. The customers might get confused if a menu you give them is too wide. If you have a lot to offer, focus on the main features of you restaurant.

You are unique

Restaurant is among businesses that attract more attention if they possess something special. Decide what makes your restaurant differ from other places. It is easy if you promote some ethnical cuisine – all you have to do is to keep an atmosphere of tradition at your restaurant. If not, try to make something that has not been made in your neighborhood yet. For example, organize lunches for employees of the nearest businesses. Long story short, try to make a repute of a place that appeals to wide masses without forgetting about your uniqueness.