Switching to Google business email for your corporate needs

Gmail for business

Google Apps is a selection of various tools that are designed to make your company’s life easier. It includes Google Docs, Google Calendar and of course Google business email or just Gmail, among other things. You can use Google Apps for free or you have the option to buy a Premium version that will cost you $50 per year per one user, which will provide you with technical support and increased email storage quotas.

Why switch to Gmail?

Google, as any other company, is not perfect, so it has some possible minor drawbacks such as issues with legal regulations (make sure your company is allowed to use Google business email) or small delays with updating. Other than that Gmail has a considerable number of advantages.

  • It’s convenient

You don’t need to mess around with different confusing settings on different platforms. Google Apps works perfectly well on various devices without you having to deal with all sorts of software configurations. That also goes for the interface; Google business email uses the best interface available right now.

  • It’s reliable

Google is not invincible, but whenever Google business email goes down, it is usually a newsworthy event. Other than that, you always have access to your Gmail account without failure.

  • First-rate search

As you might have already guessed, the search is great, this is Google we are talking about after all, no surprise there.

  • Fantastic spam filtering

Google business email makes sure you receive only the emails that you need, no unwanted advertisements will slip through.


It is safe to say that switching over to Google Apps as well as Gmail will make it easier for you to deal with the everyday tasks and improve your overall productivity and efficiency.

Everything your business needs: Google business apps

Google provides an incredibly wide variety of apps that are meant to improve your business and help with management. There are several key points about using Google business apps that Google promotes.


  • Security

Google business apps include various security features meant to protect your data. Apps tools allow you to share your data exactly with the people you choose, and guarantees constant access.

  • Maintain connection anywhere

Google business apps allows you to access all your data and tools securely no matter where you are or what device you are using.

  • Work together

You can easily edit and share many documents or files in real time providing you with possibilities of effortless collaboration without wasting any time.

  • Accomplish things quicker

You are able to simplify your everyday tasks like invoicing and scheduling by using Google Docs or Google Calendar and getting rid of all the time-consuming aspects.

  • Reliable IT infrastructure

You always have access to the latest software and have no need to maintain servers, just manage all servers from a single and simple interface.

  • Go green

Moving to Google business apps allows you to cut down on your company’s expenses and reduce its impact on the environment through higher energy efficiency.


Using Google business apps makes your overall company’s life easier and quicker by providing all the necessary tools that are simple, efficient and reliable.