Free invoice template for spreadsheet software

What types of invoice templates can you find?

In general most invoice templates are very similar, almost identical. However, when searching for a free invoice template on the Internet, the results can often be divided into three general groups. The type of the template depends on how and for what exactly you are billing your customer.

  • Basic itemized invoice template

This is the most standard and simple kind, it shows what exactly was done (description) and how much or how many (amount).

  • Service invoice template

This kind of free invoice template is based around the idea that you were providing certain services for a certain duration of time. In this case you can charge your customer for the number of hours spent, considering your exact hourly rate.

  • Products invoice template

A free invoice template of this type is meant to bill your client for a specific number/amount of items produced. In this case it is more suitable for manufacturers of certain products. Such free invoice template usually also includes all the required fields about shipping information.

Working with invoice templates

One free invoice template can look very different from another, which may seem a bit confusing right away. However, if you take a closer look, they mostly have the same kind of information included in them and are devised in a very similar structural fashion.

The most commonly used software for invoice templates is MS Excel, but it is not the only one. If you are using any other software, do not worry – there are always templates for other programs that work just as well (Google Spreadsheets, Open Office etc.)

Once you find the right free invoice template, you just download it to your computer, open it and edit all the available fields and cells writing specific information in them.

Getting one

There are several ways to acquire an invoice template free of charge.

  • Download

You can just go on the Internet and find a website that allows you to download a specific kind of invoice template free of charge. Usually it is the simplest and quickest way to follow, unless you need a very specific kind of invoice template and cannot find it on the web.

  • Make

If you know how to design a proper invoice that you can then use repeatedly, then you can just do that. Obviously this would also make your invoice template free. However, there are certain details that you need to keep in mind, depending on the exact type of invoice that you need to make. Also it can be quite time-consuming, so perhaps that is not always the easiest and most sensible way to go.

  • Make and download

You may stumble upon some websites that will actually allow you to design a proper invoice template free of charge. Some of the general content is already provided there and all you need to do is customize it to meet your specific needs and purposes. Then you just download it and start using, which again makes your invoice template free and easy to make.