How a business process is created

For companies business process is a tool used for reaching goals. You can also define it as a number of actions used for making value for customers. Analyzing business process is important to understand how exactly the process works. The analysis is used by managers to decide whether or not there must be any changes to better the work. After the improvement the process will help you save money and time and direct your attention to creation of a more up-to-date product.

The definition

The business process is a day-to-day activity performed by employees to reach the company’s goal. In order to consider how a business process is analyzed, it is necessary to understand how it is created.

  • Understand how much work you need to complete. Imagine that you update the process to inform your clients using invoices. The amount of work depends on how broad your task is.
  • Decide on your outcome. Think what goals you want to achieve while the process. After shipping the order send a copy of the invoice to your clients. Use e-mail for informing your clients in the end of each task.
  • Maintain documentation of business process. You can document it as a range of steps you can also use graphs and diagrams for this.
  • Put down on paper not only the steps to follow in casual working process but also exceptions to every situation.


  • Discuss the process with your staff. It is a good idea to ask other members of your team what they think can help improve your business.
  • Know everything about your inputs and outputs. In clothes manufacturing, for instance, you have to learn who your denim supplier is and how often the shipping happens.
  • Learn about the tasks; outputs and who receives them. Maintain the documentation of what work your staff performs.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions how the process inefficiencies can be resolved.
    All successful businesses are renowned for an ability to analyze the business process for inefficiency signs. Any business process includes inputs and outputs. Such things as labor, material and equipment, are the inputs. i.g. what you use to produce a profit. An output is a product or a service.
  • Your process is supposed to turn inputs into outputs. If it takes long time to complete work it means that something is wrong with our process.
  • If the cost of your inputs is much higher than your budget, it is one more signal that something must be improved.
  • Identify what general problems you have and which processes should be improved. If you need to choose between a lot of other processes, take the one that has the biggest effect on the business.
Why companies participate in International Business

After the world economic globalization happened, the number of companies that expand into others has increased. Even though the idea of international business is not new and existed since XVII century the top of the international expansion was after the Two World Wars. What are the reasons of companies’ participating in International Business and what profits it may bring?

Expanding sales

The main explanation why this happens lies in company leaders’ striving to expanding the sales and acquiring other parts of financial market to spread their influence on them. Taking into account that developing countries differ from developed ones in the way that the consumers look up to the western lifestyle and the western companies use it as a chance for expanding their sales. Besides when the sales drop in one region, there are more possibilities tomake up for it in the other regions.

New resources

One of the most significant reasons for international expanding is that both developing and emerging countries are rich with minerals, metals and opportunities for the agriculture. These countries catch the eyes of western multinationals who would like to get an access to the resources. That is why a lot of international businesses settled in Africa and South Asia which are profitable for the western business of finance for their large deposits of minerals. A plenty of emerging markets lack he expertise and the resources for making a use of the resources. Thus welcoming the western companies gives them opportunities for growing the economies.

Due to the liberalization of many developing countries and their opening up the economies, nowadays is considered the best time for international business. It is caused by the economic crisis that brought about a great damage to the world economy.

Minimizing risks

Owing to the fact that companies are meant to be profitable it is understandable that they expand into the countries that can bring them more profits then their own country. As a matter of fact there are many political, economic and other risks that may occur. They may be different according to countries, and there is point dividing all the risks between all the countries where the company operates than face all them only in one.

Top business news web sites

Inc. com. It is the web site of a popular business magazine focused on starting and developing the business. The site concentrates on business in the news providing yearly lists of the most growing companies.

Bizjournals.The site is among best business news websitesfor its uploading the best business news from around the nation in 140 characters or less. American City Business Journalscover a range of different topics published in mass media.


The Business journals business news
The Business journals business news Bloomberg’s articles on business finance are the leading providers of information for professional participants of financial market. It provides an access to the current and historic stocks.

Bloomberg Business news
Bloomberg Business news The web site highlights all the aspects of business and finance that refer to our life. Credit and debts, insurance and investing, all those things are described in business and marketing articlesand provided with quizzes uploaded in the certain sections.

Kiplinger. com. business news
Kiplinger. com. business news financial magazine is famous for its market-moving business stories. It provides information about financial events and all what you need to know about stocks and investing.

Barrons. com. business news
Barrons. com. business news Get to knowcurrent economy news with The website is a link base of different sites sorted out in sections that include educational centers, financial markets, blogs and offices that might come in handy.

Business Economics. com web site news
Business Economics. com web site news
Top 10 business magazines

Visiting internet business newsat least once a day may become a good habit. In fact awareness of what is going on in the business world only adds up to your professionalism. What top new businesses are the most profitable? Or how is the stock markettoday? Subscribe to this top business websites of magazines be in the know of world business.

Forbes. As the most world famous source of current events for business it is highly respected by professionals mostly for its business and finance articles.Forbes writes not only about businessmarketingnewsarticlesbut also the stories about success and failures of entrepreneurs,analyses why this happened and the ways of prevention. The magazine often gives lists of new business ideas and stocks, publishes rates and graphs. Forbes is also famous for doing researchers that refer to different spheres of economy, e.g. stock market researchorpopular new businesses. Forbes has an access to company leaders and receives information from authoritative sources.

Bloomberg Businessweek. This magazine gives up-to-date business financial informationoffering best business news, global market newsanddaily financial report. The magazine publishes rates of MBA business schools and simple business programs rates.

Bloomberg Businessweek magazine
Bloomberg Businessweek magazine

Wired. The magazine is intended to share how technology influences other spheres of life, such as culture, economy and politics. The information given there ranges from cultural events to business and finance articles. No matter if you are a technology geek or a businessman, you will definitely find there something for yourself.

Wired technology magazine
Wired technology magazine

Entrepreneur.The magazine is mostly focused on small businesses and represents itself as a guide for beginners in the business world. It gives recommendations for starting a business and moving it ahead.

Entrepreneur business magazine
Entrepreneur business magazine

Fortune. It is a highly-respected magazine for covering various aspects of economics and business in the business finance articles.It is famous for its yearly rates of companies.

Fortune business magazine
Fortune business magazine

INC. The magazine is concentrated on business improvement that is why it publishes useful advice meant for helping entrepreneurs run their businesses.It also focuses on companies in the news by publishing yearly rates of the most successful enterprises.

Inc. financial business magazine
Inc. financial business magazine

The Economist. Traditionally it refers itself to a newspaper; in fact it specializes on news in businesses. TheEconomist claims to be an economically liberal magazine .Its audience are highly educated readers among whom you can find influential heads of either global and smaller companies.

The economist magazine
The economist magazine

Consumer reports. The magazine is for you if you do not prefer buying pig in a poke without knowing its reports. The magazine contains articles of consumers that are helpful while choosing the product.

Consumer Reports magazine
Consumer Reports magazine

Adweek. One of the best business news websitesand magazines that offers the latest and the most original marketing trends. Reading Adweek is a must for those who want to be aware of how to create an eye-catching advertisement.

Adweek marketing magazine
Adweek marketing magazine

Fast company. The magazine is proud ofits covering the best strategies of achieving success and running the business.

Fast company financial magazine
Fast company financial magazine
What is worth knowing about gold stocks

What is a gold stock?

Gold stock is a special kind of stock which gives its owner, the government, special rights among other stockholders to take control of privatized enterprises. Such stock allows the state to keep control of the financial market. Gold stocks are the tools of public administration of public corporations, and the special rights belong to the government. The government holds the deciding vote on a board of directors which is given for protection of the interest of the corporation and a state finance market.Gold stocks were widely used and played a huge role in developing of economy of many world countries.

What does it give?

The ownerof a gold stock aside from other rights of a stockholder has a first say in:

  1. The issues of changes in the company’s article of association.
  2. Reorganization of the enterprise.
  3. Liquidation.
  4. In taking decision about changing the size of charter capital.
  5. In big deals in which the state can be interested.

In companies that manage to attract foreign investment, the functions of the golden stock are weakened. While considering some issue the government can only approve of the decision taken by the board of directors.

Gold stock is not a tool for getting income and state financing of companies, it only gives special rights and priorities in strategies of the enterprise.

Top business web sites

Why do we need business sites? The answer is obvious; people who take an interest in the business world always find themselves in a constant search of different web resources which will help them to learn about current events in the business world, business and finance news, some general information on businesses. These sites also provide us with ideas and projects that might help either any newly-built businesses or even advanced entrepreneurs. Here is the list of the most popular web sites that users of the World Wide Web find the most effective.
Yahoo! Finance. One of the main providers of the financial information in USA, and the first of the best business information websites with a number of visitors 75,000,000, according to the results of the year 2016. It provides news on world economy and reference information on the topics of business, finance and economy. Yahoo! Finance contains thematic forums and discussion groups, and in addition includes a number of services for controlling personal finance information.

Forbes. Forbes is a famous business and finance magazine whose web site has 65,000,000 visitors a year. It presents to the readers the stories of famous successful projects and revolutionary ideas, business stories, current market news, business and finance news. Forbes made itself a name by doing researches on the business world and giving an estimate to not only current events for business, but also to different global situations, answering questions ‘how’ and ‘why’ this or that happened.

Images with Forbes
Images with Forbes

MSN MoneyCentral. It is a web portal which provides global marketing news, articles on business finance and other topics. The number of visitors per year – 60,000,000, only a bit less than Forbes’ record.

Top business web sites

CNN Money. CNN Money is a business website run by a TV channel CNN which is high on the list of the news networks.It has the auditory of 58,000,000 visitors.

Top business web sites

WSJ. 42,000,000 visitors. The Wall Street Journal is a daily business magazine published in New York by Dow Jones & Company since 1889. It is one of the biggest authorative printed editions in USA. It covers global market news, articles for business, economic business articles, and also political, cultural and analytical articles.

Wall street journal

Google finance. 40.000.000 visitors. The portal provides an access to the financial information about a majority of trance international companies. It also provides a number of services for running personal finance information.

Top business web sites

Economic systems: what is capitalism

General definition

What is capitalism? It is a system of economy that is based on private ownership of means of production and the creation of goods or services for profit. Characteristic traits include competitive markets, wage labor and accumulation of capital. Capitalism can come in different forms, like laissez-faire, welfare capitalism and state capitalism. It is believed by many theorists to promote economic growth and to allow for more opportunities for individuals to have more income. However, some critics of capitalism also attribute such aspects as social inequality and unfair distribution of wealth and power.

Types of capitalism

Depending on country and region capitalism can appear in many different variants. Below are the major ones.

  • Mercantilism

This is an early form of capitalism that is associated with intertwining of national business interests to state-interest and imperialism. Example: early colonists living inAmerica.

  • Free-market capitalism

What is capitalism with a free-market model? It is a system where prices for goods and services are set freely by the forces of supply and demand with no intervention by government policy.

  • Social-market economy

What is capitalism with social-market economy? It is a system where prices form with minimal intervention by the government. Example: Western and Northern European countries.

  • State capitalism

What is capitalism with a state system? It suggests state ownership of the means of production within a state. The government influences the economy on a wider scale.

  • Corporate capitalism

Corporate capitalism is associated with the dominance of hierarchical, bureaucratic corporations

  • Mixed economy

What is capitalism with mixed economy? This kind of system consists of both private and public ownership of the means of production. Macroeconomic policies are intended to correct market failures.

Looking for the best business to start?

Currently the best industries for a new business

Want to start a business but not sure what would be a safer bet in the current economy? There are several industries that would be good for the best business to start right now.

  • E-commerce

People are spending more and more money online because you can order special customized items with ease, especially when the Internet allows you to compare any products on the current market. If you are looking for the best business to start at this time – e-commerce is a very good bet.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants are predicted to increase 4.5% this year and 5.5% next year. Growing disposable incomes allow people to eat out more, take your chance to provide that service for the best business to start.

  • Mobile games

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing industries to date. This is even expected to accelerate as more and more people own smartphones. Such games can be hugely profitable if you manage to attract a following big enough.

  • Big data

Another good idea for the best business to start right now can be organization and analysis of electronic records. The world is increasingly getting digitalized, which means that large companies need more people to help them deal with all that data. This is profitable to everyone since it helps businesses their markets and customers better.

  • Water

The demand for clean water is constantly increasing while our planet’s supplies keep dwindling. This just might be the best business to start, especially in the long run. If everyone in the world used as much water as the average American, we would run out of clean water within only eight years.