How a business process is created

For companies business process is a tool used for reaching goals. You can also define it as a number of actions used for making value for customers. Analyzing business process is important to understand how exactly the process works. The analysis is used by managers to decide whether or not there must be any changes to better the work. After the improvement the process will help you save money and time and direct your attention to creation of a more up-to-date product.

The definition

The business process is a day-to-day activity performed by employees to reach the company’s goal. In order to consider how a business process is analyzed, it is necessary to understand how it is created.

  • Understand how much work you need to complete. Imagine that you update the process to inform your clients using invoices. The amount of work depends on how broad your task is.
  • Decide on your outcome. Think what goals you want to achieve while the process. After shipping the order send a copy of the invoice to your clients. Use e-mail for informing your clients in the end of each task.
  • Maintain documentation of business process. You can document it as a range of steps you can also use graphs and diagrams for this.
  • Put down on paper not only the steps to follow in casual working process but also exceptions to every situation.


  • Discuss the process with your staff. It is a good idea to ask other members of your team what they think can help improve your business.
  • Know everything about your inputs and outputs. In clothes manufacturing, for instance, you have to learn who your denim supplier is and how often the shipping happens.
  • Learn about the tasks; outputs and who receives them. Maintain the documentation of what work your staff performs.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions how the process inefficiencies can be resolved.
    All successful businesses are renowned for an ability to analyze the business process for inefficiency signs. Any business process includes inputs and outputs. Such things as labor, material and equipment, are the inputs. i.g. what you use to produce a profit. An output is a product or a service.
  • Your process is supposed to turn inputs into outputs. If it takes long time to complete work it means that something is wrong with our process.
  • If the cost of your inputs is much higher than your budget, it is one more signal that something must be improved.
  • Identify what general problems you have and which processes should be improved. If you need to choose between a lot of other processes, take the one that has the biggest effect on the business.