Latest business ideas in America

Many first-time entrepreneurs have difficulty with finding ideas of profitable business. In this business article we have compiled some of the best projects, which can generate a good income in America.


The first option is taxi for pets. This service is usually used by wealthy and busy people. Your task is to bring pets to the veterinarian. You will need a roomy car and special comfortable cells and crates. Another idea is a hotel for animals, where you will accommodate pets and provide them proper care. This business brings good income, both in the US and European countries. This service is used by people who travel on business or vacation and have no opportunity to take their pets with them. As long as the owners are on the road, the hotel staff looks after unusual guests.

Personal Advisor

This idea of small businesses appeared quite recently. Individual consultations are provided by professionals with extensive experience and necessary knowledge in a particular field. If you are a good economist, lawyer or a psychologist, you can try yourself as a personal advisor. This is one of the simplest ideas for business without investment. All you need to start is knowledge, PC and access to the Internet. For the first time, you can provide this service for free to attract the attention of customers to your business.

Rubber paving flags

According to business information websites, such manufacture will open great perspectives for first-time entrepreneurs. The level of competition in this market section is very low.
The profitability of such business reaches 40%. Rubber paving flags have a lot of advantages: firstly, it is their durability, they keep their original state and form for 20 years. Moreover, such paving flags are not slippery, they do not cover with cracks, and their colour does not bleach under the direct sunrays.

Produsing rubber pavers is a profitable business in America.
Produsing rubber pavers is a profitable business in America.

Rubber paving flags are produced from rubber dust, which is made from scrap tires. This is the most profitable manufacture for small business in America. The price for the raw material depends on the way of its production, colour and fraction. As for the equipment to implement this business idea, one will need:

  • Moulding machine;
  • Moulding forms;
  • Mixer unit;
  • Baking oven.

If you want to make paving flags in different colours, you should use different colourants.

Silent parties

Arranging parties, trainings and different noisy events with wireless earphones is one of the best ideas for small business in Europe and the US. This business will open incredible perspectives for new entrepreneurs. If you are attracted with arranging different mass events, you may try to carry out this this project. No doubt, you will have to spend certain amount of money to buy special equipment and to pay for the advertisement of your business. All investments will come back to you within a short time.

Loose goods

Everybody knows that goods sold without packing should cost less. In some cases it does not work, as there are such goods that cannot be sold loose. But in general such trick attracts a lot of attention on the market. If you want to open a small grocery store, place transparent containers there and try to sell different sweets, tea, cereal, and the like. In order to compile the range of products, ask experts what goods are the most profitable to sell. Under difficult financial conditions people try to buy cheap products, that’s why you should pay close attention to budget products. These may be pasta of the medium price range, cheap loose-leaf tea, coffee and the like. Selling loose products will allow you to increase sales incredibly.

Sites for small business articles today

If you want to succeed in the world of small business, you need constant training. Having information means having success. You can learn practical ideas and solutions to problems in business from different business articles.

Experienced entrepreneurs, popular coaches and consultants are ready to share their experience in running a profitable business.

The main source of business inspiration may be business idea sites. A distinctive feature of American sites for small business is the representation of information as a small brief description of a business idea, which lacks more or less intelligible explanation of running the business or the process of its launching. All these details should be found and investigated in other sources.

The small business section of this site consists of a thousand different articles, the majority of which are authentically American. The ideas are conveniently classified by categories and trends. offers a wide collection of business articles. offers a wide collection of business articles.

The catalogue of business ideas here is richer, it includes more than three thousand articles with the examples of original solutions in the sphere of small business.

This site is constructed according to all the principles of American business idea sites. The majority of such resources have a vast idea base, from the category “The business in America” and other ideas, which are often quite trivial.

The difference from the previous websites with articles related to business is additional information for the range of ideas. In particular, one can read here an online business article about some technological cycles and equipment necessary for a business launching.

In general, these business article websites represent a peculiar compilation; one can easily find interesting information on American small business and, of course, ideas from the category “Business in America”.

The ideas of new online businesses

Unconventional thinking can help you to discover how to apply your interests and goals for establishing your online business most appropriately. You may consider existing effective Internet businesses, which could work for you.

Affiliate marketing

Well, this is not a new business. Throughout the life of the Internet resources people speak about potential profitability of affiliate marketing. Marketing experts say that this is is one of the best and easiest ways to start an online business.

Inquiry assistant

If you think there are too many inquiry assistants on the Internet and do not want to compete with them, you are wrong. An inquiry assistant usually services a targeted market and that can give you a competitive advantage. Let’s say you are an avid reader of fiction. Why not to start an online inquiry assistant for fiction authors?


Do you have a special style of writing? Do you love writing? Offer online service for those who need good texts.

Beaded jewellery shop

Do you love beading? The best choice for you is to start your online business, which will allow sell not only your jewellery but also video tutorials about techniques of beading.

Hand-made jewelry shop is a perfect business for a craftswoman.
Hand-made jewelry shop is a perfect business for a craftswoman.

Vintage clothing shop

Perhaps you have a passion for antiques, and you know its value? You can make money off this.

Marketing consulting by e-mail

Email marketing consulting has become a popular Interent service today. Though unfortunately, many companies do not take it seriously. Well, their loss!

Consultation on business

Every day new business coaches appear at the Internet market, and you could do the same.

Life coaching

Life can be difficult, and sometimes people just need a bit of wise tips or support.

Video editing service

Sure, people can edit their videos at home using conventional software, but perhaps you are talented in video graphics? This work supposes your ability to disclose stories through video images. If you can do this, maybe this business idea will suit you!

Small business market research

Every business, even small one, needs a market research. You may help small business owner by solving their problems and providing them necessary information and consultation, but this would require good research skills from you and your ability to analyze news in business.

Personal finance coaching

The major skill is this sphere is information and data arrangement. Who are the users of such service? The clientele is wide: from students and housewives to business executives.

Parenting/bringing up coaching

If you are super mom (or a nanny), why not share your experience online? Parenting is not easy for everyone, thousands of people seek for professional advice and support every day.

Marriage coaching

Nearly 50% (or even more) of marriages end up with a divorce, and therefore it is obvious that such service has met a demand now. If you are interested in marriage and family psychology, this could be the business of your dreams.

Online surveys service

Polls are important in every business sector, but many companies do not have enough time to create and conduct surveys. If you are inquisitive by nature, and know how to ask good questions, this business you will like to do.

Presentation creating

There is nothing worse than listening to a long and boring PowerPoint presentation. Although many speakers and business coaches have a wonderful material, they do not always know how to convert it to an exciting and interesting presentation. If creating visual arts is your forte, and you are an advanced user PowerPoint, consider the establishing of services for creating online presentations.

Boost up your business inspiration

Most people become nervous when they need to come up with something new or find the best way out of difficult situations. Some spend a lot of time thinking but cannot make decisions, remaining inert. Others observe what competitors are doing and try to repeat their strategies completely or partially. And only a few use not only analytical and creative thinking. Most frequently brilliant ideas and inspiration come at that moment when one lets their thoughts float freely.
An interesting fact may be pointed out: some people get their best ideas for business when they are working out, having a run for example. At such moments the mind becomes very clear. On the running track one can be struck with an idea of how to develop a successful project, which will after grow into a thriving business.
Everyone finds ideas in different ways, so it is important to find an option that will work with you: your thinking patterns and habits.

The first thing you need is to distract your mind:  visit a new place, read a book, go on a run.
The first thing you need is to distract your mind: visit a new place, read a book, go on a run.

There are five basic strategies that should help you to learn how to draw new ideas and gradually translate them into refine projects:

1. Try be aware of economic and financial news

It is important to follow business news and understand what is happening in the world. Read substantive publications, thematic blogs in social networks, use all of the options to receive the necessary information. You need to know exactly what your competitors do, what customers think, and what is happening in different business areas.

2. Start small

Just take a pen. The hardest part is behind. Outline the ideas arising in the mind. At first, it may be difficult to concentrate, but you need to get over yourself and write. Just make a start and you will succeed. It is like a faucet that nobody used for a long time. When you turn it on the water may be rusty, hardly trickling, but after some time, the pressure will increase and the water will become clear.
The questions to think over are: what are customers supposed to do with the product? What results do they want to achieve? Be sure to take every opportunity to improve and upgrade the product for better service.

3. Try to find the way that will help to clear your mind

Some go for a walk when they need to clear their mind. People who are fond of sports may often come home after a run inspired with a new idea. Another option is to get away for a weekend. Most people cannot take a long vacation every time they want to catch inspiration, so you should make time for regular walks or workouts.

4. Choose most effective way to record ideas

Try to record your every idea, otherwise you will feel frustrated if you forget some of them. What is the best way to record your ideas? It depends on the type of action that usually brings you inspiration. For example, you can use the audio recorder in the phone, if inspiration usually strikes you when you are running and have no opportunity to stop to jot down your thought. It is easy just to press a button, say a few sentences and continue your workout.
Many ideas come in the evening, just before bedtime. Always keep a note pad and a pen nearby or use e-notes apps in your phone.

5. Get feedback

Once you have a defined idea, share it with partners, colleagues and customers. Listen carefully to their opinions. Try to ask as many people as possible, then you will know different reactions which will help to modify and improve the idea before it becomes a real project. Many plans, though being great and innovative, did not become reality and therefore were not reflected in business stories of success, as they were presented not properly to the audience – without enthusiasm, confidence and commitment.