Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time
Forbes is believed to be the most authoritative source in business

Forbes company was established in 1917 by Bertie Charles Forbes. Today Forbes is a leading finance and business magazine that introduces its readers business and finance news, stories about successful projects, stories about a failure of some enterprises and their reasons, life and experiences of famous entrepreneurs, reasons and results of huge world events, ratings of the worlds’s richest people, incomes and expenses. The magazine gained its fame of being Forbes number 1 company due to its intensive researches in the business financial world.

Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time

As it was already said, Forbes often publishes motivating business stories based on real business experiences. In 1996, Daniel Gross and the Forbes editors went further and published the book “Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time”. The book is based on the stories of different successful businessmen which turned to be the reformers that had a great influence on modern business economy.

About the book

The book is second to none when it comes to the collection of stories that inspire you to pull your work ahead

As the author says in the foreword, the book tells us the story of heroes who “earned that status as surely as any soldier or athlete or explorer or statesman you can name”. This inestimable collection contains the stories of a few people who were standing head and shoulders above their contemporaries: Robert Morris, who financed the American Revolution, Ray Kroc, who managed to turn McDonald’s into the greatest fast food operation in the world, Mary Kay Ash, that not only founded her own cosmetics company, but also started a new business philosophy direction with publishing three bestsellers.

All of the stories fall outside the scope of business finance articles published by Forbes and provide a great lesson.