Latest business ideas in America

Many first-time entrepreneurs have difficulty with finding ideas of profitable business. In this business article we have compiled some of the best projects, which can generate a good income in America.


The first option is taxi for pets. This service is usually used by wealthy and busy people. Your task is to bring pets to the veterinarian. You will need a roomy car and special comfortable cells and crates. Another idea is a hotel for animals, where you will accommodate pets and provide them proper care. This business brings good income, both in the US and European countries. This service is used by people who travel on business or vacation and have no opportunity to take their pets with them. As long as the owners are on the road, the hotel staff looks after unusual guests.

Personal Advisor

This idea of small businesses appeared quite recently. Individual consultations are provided by professionals with extensive experience and necessary knowledge in a particular field. If you are a good economist, lawyer or a psychologist, you can try yourself as a personal advisor. This is one of the simplest ideas for business without investment. All you need to start is knowledge, PC and access to the Internet. For the first time, you can provide this service for free to attract the attention of customers to your business.

Rubber paving flags

According to business information websites, such manufacture will open great perspectives for first-time entrepreneurs. The level of competition in this market section is very low.
The profitability of such business reaches 40%. Rubber paving flags have a lot of advantages: firstly, it is their durability, they keep their original state and form for 20 years. Moreover, such paving flags are not slippery, they do not cover with cracks, and their colour does not bleach under the direct sunrays.

Produsing rubber pavers is a profitable business in America.
Produsing rubber pavers is a profitable business in America.

Rubber paving flags are produced from rubber dust, which is made from scrap tires. This is the most profitable manufacture for small business in America. The price for the raw material depends on the way of its production, colour and fraction. As for the equipment to implement this business idea, one will need:

  • Moulding machine;
  • Moulding forms;
  • Mixer unit;
  • Baking oven.

If you want to make paving flags in different colours, you should use different colourants.

Silent parties

Arranging parties, trainings and different noisy events with wireless earphones is one of the best ideas for small business in Europe and the US. This business will open incredible perspectives for new entrepreneurs. If you are attracted with arranging different mass events, you may try to carry out this this project. No doubt, you will have to spend certain amount of money to buy special equipment and to pay for the advertisement of your business. All investments will come back to you within a short time.

Loose goods

Everybody knows that goods sold without packing should cost less. In some cases it does not work, as there are such goods that cannot be sold loose. But in general such trick attracts a lot of attention on the market. If you want to open a small grocery store, place transparent containers there and try to sell different sweets, tea, cereal, and the like. In order to compile the range of products, ask experts what goods are the most profitable to sell. Under difficult financial conditions people try to buy cheap products, that’s why you should pay close attention to budget products. These may be pasta of the medium price range, cheap loose-leaf tea, coffee and the like. Selling loose products will allow you to increase sales incredibly.

Sites for small business articles today

If you want to succeed in the world of small business, you need constant training. Having information means having success. You can learn practical ideas and solutions to problems in business from different business articles.

Experienced entrepreneurs, popular coaches and consultants are ready to share their experience in running a profitable business.

The main source of business inspiration may be business idea sites. A distinctive feature of American sites for small business is the representation of information as a small brief description of a business idea, which lacks more or less intelligible explanation of running the business or the process of its launching. All these details should be found and investigated in other sources.

The small business section of this site consists of a thousand different articles, the majority of which are authentically American. The ideas are conveniently classified by categories and trends. offers a wide collection of business articles. offers a wide collection of business articles.

The catalogue of business ideas here is richer, it includes more than three thousand articles with the examples of original solutions in the sphere of small business.

This site is constructed according to all the principles of American business idea sites. The majority of such resources have a vast idea base, from the category “The business in America” and other ideas, which are often quite trivial.

The difference from the previous websites with articles related to business is additional information for the range of ideas. In particular, one can read here an online business article about some technological cycles and equipment necessary for a business launching.

In general, these business article websites represent a peculiar compilation; one can easily find interesting information on American small business and, of course, ideas from the category “Business in America”.

Managing top business in the world: ZARA

Amansio Ortega is the founder of the industrial giant Inditex Group which unites the brands ZARA, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho and Bershka. The CEO, often discussed in global business articles, is now 80. For all his life he has been building the business based on the patterns of family life. The democratic principle of managing allows the employees of the company to speak mind and make decisions within personal responsibility. No one prescribes how to organize the range of products in the store, how much denim, tweed and knitted fabric should be bought. There is no finance managers giving orders in the pursuit of making profit. A great account is made of the opinion of those employees who work with clients directly.

Team spirit

Amansio Ortega has never had a private office. He prefers working next to the employees, watching what is happening in the departments, keeping up with all little things. At any moment the CEO can come to the design department to choose the button for a new jacket. Sometimes Ortega sits behind the sewing machine, clearly enjoying the very process. At work, he is not averse to talking with the needlewomen and asking how they families are doing. He convinces his managers: “You must love the people, know their families, understand their concerns and be next to them. Then the workers will devote themselves to the company.”

Ortega's business is based on the principle of mutual respect and support.
Ortega’s business is based on the principle of mutual respect and support.

Everyone gets his due

Amansio Ortega is an appreciative employer, who generously rewards his workers for loyalty. For the 20th anniversary of the company, he presented the human resources manager a block of Inditex Group shares. As a true Spanish man, Ortega appreciates the atmosphere of family closeness. He keeps his eye so that inefficient workers do not get into the team, even to the positions of a sales assistant. That is why he conducts the job interviews personally at the office in Madrid. When estimating a candidate, Ortega gauges how sociable and enthusiastic he or she is. The candidate is taken if they are motivated and inquisitive. The same principle works with promotion. Taciturn managers who tend to sit out staff conferences are safe from career advancement.

From a sales assistant to a top manager

The overwhelming majority of the company’s managers (90%) had started their careers as sales assistants or from even lower positions, but reached the top. At some point Inditex Group even ceased hiring managers. The company has many positions, which one can attain: manager, deputy manager, coordinator, head cashier, plant manager etc. Thus for example, a former truck driver who delivered the goods to the sales outlets, now heads the department of men’s shirts.

Not “me” but “us”

The head of Zara Woman, Beatrix Padin, tells, that when she was appointed to the position, Ortega did not give any instructions, but once he gave an advice: “Never say: “I don’t like the clothing collection”. You’d better say: “We’ve made a mistake”. Ortega attach a great importance to the principle of sharing responsibility with workers. No talking about personal achievements, only teamwork matters. Thus, the company’s employee feels indispensable, as if he runs his own business and has direct impact on success and failure.

No celebrity designers

The creative department consist of 600 ordinary European designers. Inditex Group does not rely a celebrity in order to avoid risking. If an ordinary designer joins a competitive company, it will not make a disaster. Dior, for example, suffer losses every five or six years after another celebrity designer’s leave.

Making collective decisions

Some years ago the business news reported that Ortega was willing to buy Sephora. Makeup and perfume line was supposed to be launched in ZARA stores. The negotiation was almost finished, but the store managers speak out their protest. To their opinion, the company should not deal with the goods it hardly knows a thing about. Ortega was asked to cancel the decision. The SEO followed the voice of the staff and the deal was closed.

Start business today in America

Today more than 20 million small businesses are registered in the USA. This business sector is so developed that about 1 million of new small enterprises appear in America every year.

How to start up a firm?

Articles of business statistics show that every third family is involved in a small business. Remarkably, most of them start with a budget of only $1500-5000. Just in a couple of years, these companies manage to turn a profit. Business projects may bring more than $1 million annually. Business owners from the United States tend to start up a firm on their own funds. Borrowed money is used in less than 10% of cases. The majority (over 90%) of business persons prefer to take the money from:

  • their family;
  • relatives;
  • close friends;
  • their own savings.
90% of American fresh entrepreneurs borrow money for startup from relatives and friends.


According to statistics, small businesses in the United States are often launched as home offices. Such a start is characteristic for more than a half of small businesses, and they manage to develop successfully. The initial investment in such firms do not exceed $25.000. Small companies in the United States take loans for a start-up in the amount of not more than $100.000. Practice shows that American entrepreneurs are reluctant to pay debts. The loans are taken not only in banking organizations. Venture capital funds are very popular, many of them are ready to finance dubious business programs. In total, the organizations of this type invest in small enterprises about $36 billion each year.

Features of business projects in the US

This is a small business in the United States: examples of doing business allow to realize the enormity of small enterprises. A small company in the United States is characterized by:

  • staff ranging from 1 to 1500 people;
  • the ability to develop a promising and profitable business projects for women;
  • annual turnover of up to $15 million.

According to current market news, small businesses in America may relate to sales of groceries or underwear, foodservice, and refining.
Another unique feature of American small business is loyalty and adaptability for women’s projects. More than 9 million women are officially registered as managers of small firms in the United States. Each year they earn huge sums. Statistics indicate the figures ranging between $180-200 billion.
Why is small business in this country so promising and profitable? The fact is that it is actively supported by state acts, documents and legislation as a whole. The authorities believe that without this business sector the state economy cannot be promising and successful. That is why entrepreneurial projects find so much support. First of all, this is manifested in the advanced and highly flexible system of taxation.

Warren Buffet’s tips on business and financing

Warren Buffett is known among investors as “the oracle of Omaha”. Presidents bow to his opinion, and he comes up as a role model for the best financiers of the country. In his books, the investor has given a lot of useful tips on how to become a rich and independent man.

Borrow wisely

Instalments, credit cards, mortgage loans are bank instruments that are able to turn a free and ambitious man into a slave of the financial system. Warren Buffet recommends thinking twice before taking a debt burden. Extra loans will lead to such situation, when your loan payments exceed the actual income. Not everyone can climb out of debt.

Pay yourself first

Warren Buffett believes that the accumulation of money is the basis of financial well-being. Saving money is necessary from the moment when you receive your first monthly income. Deposit the sum, and then spend your money on daily needs.
Beginners often make the same mistake: first, pay their bills and spend the money on everything they want, and then try to save some capitals on the remaining chicken feed. This approach is fundamentally wrong. Remember, the first step is to divide the income into two parts: the one you want to save, and the other that will be taken to pay the bills. The first part is untouchable, while the second can be used at your discretion.

Abandon bad financial habits

Few people realize that their lifestyle does not conform to their life goals. Examine your own spendings. This will help you to determine how much money you actually spend, and how much remains for the future. In order to move in the right direction, learn how to set financial priorities. You will find out, that you have some spending patterns, which you can abandon without regrets.

Draw a distinction between price and value

When investing, Warren Buffett is guided by the advice of the well-known financier Benjamin Graham. He believed that the price and value are different concepts. Price is the amount of money that you pay for a product or service, and value is a set of benefits that you get in return for the money paid.
Mr. Buffett uses money rationally and never pays more than the company deserves. It is noteworthy that this rule applies both to business section, and household economics. You should not buy valuables for a jaw-dropping price and overpay. At the same time, the statement does not say that cheap goods are always good. The next time you go shopping, look for the last parameter. Is the product actually congruent to its price or you pay for a nice advertising slogan?

Everything has its price and value.
Everything has its price and value.

Investing is not as difficult as it seems

There is one simple rule, which is rarely referred to in the books on investing: after investing small amounts to a tracker fund for 10 years, you will find yourself in a better position than those investors who prefer to invest large sums at once.
Warren Buffet believes that everyone can invest. However, before the start, the newcomer should thoroughly examine the following aspects:

  • Learn the terminology of investing.
  • Register as a broker and open a brokerage account.
  • Select VFINX as an index fund.
  • Invest a sum to the fund.

Choose long-term investment

Long-term investing has always been and will be more reliable than the short-term one. The experienced investor urges newcomers to invest in a long range. It is very simple to go bust on constant share price fluctuations, while long-term investments can be properly planned.
It is necessary to distinguish traders and investors. The former seek to earn on speculative courses, the latter analyze micro- and macroeconomic factors. When buying stocks, you should be aware that they can stay in your hands for 5-10 years. If you are not ready for such a step, then do not try to invest in assets even for 10 minutes. Buy only the necessary shares, the cost of which has been growing throughout the last 10 years, analyze the share bazar news. When the investment portfolio is set, you can forget about share for some time. The course will change regularly, both for the better and for the worse, but you should not get worked up and worry about this.

Money is not a goal in itself

The billionaire urges not to reduce the meaning of life to money. The crucial things in life are not things. It is much more important to look after your health and maintain good relationships with friends. The most successful and wealthy investor in the world is guided by such principles. He believes they are the fundamentals of success.

Economic stories: 1 bill dollars on e-commerce

The second online store by revenue in the US, Newegg, is not so popular among mainstream audience. Its CEO, Fred Chang is even less known. He made it a rule not to talk to the press. And he continues to follow it even now, when success of the company, established in 2001, turned the businessman into a billionaire.
Meanwhile, he clearly has something to tell: in 2012 Newegg revenues reached $ 2.8 billion. According to this indicator, the company trails only the absolute leader in the industry, the online store Amazon, created by Jeff Bezos. According to business world articles, Chang’s share in Newegg is more than 30%. If we compare Newegg with the competitors like Amazon and and apply the price/revenue multiplier, the businessman’s financial position can be estimated exactly $ 1 billion.
Through a spokesperson, Chang declined to confirm or deny these findings. And it is not surprising: since the foundation of Newegg, the entrepreneur, who, according to Forbes, is now 56 years old, has not given a single interview. Despite this, something about him we yet known.
A native of Taiwan, Chang has a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics, which he got in the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. Newegg is not the first company of his. Before it he had ABS Computer Technologies. Chang is a naturalized citizen of the United States, who, however, prefers to live at home in Taiwan, as the sources close to the Newegg say.

Gamers and programmers are major customers at Newegg.
Gamers and programmers are major customers at Newegg.

How did Chang achieve such impressive success in e-commerce? Newegg, which headquarters are located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, has gamers, programmers and other individuals involved in the IT-industry as its target customers. These 18 million customers buy mainly computer hardware and software. This audience is loyal to the brand Newegg. Online store reciprocate by sponsoring IT-events and game tournaments.
According to the research editor of the magazine Internet Retailer, the most astonishing thing was the Newegg’s achievement of $ 1 billion revenue in the fourth year from the company’s foundation.
Now the growth is more restrained: in 2012 the revenues of the online store increased by only 4%.
What can we expect from the retailer in the future? Experts assess the prospects for Newegg ambiguously. Some analysts think that Newegg must keep up the market growth of 10-12% per year, otherwise their proportion will decline.
However, there is no confidence that Chang’s progeny will maintain this pace. With a high level of service and flexible price line, the retailer clearly lacks Amazon’s awareness. They rely too much on marketing through search engines. Outside the devoted circle of customers the brand of Newegg is still poorly recognized.
Realizing this, Newegg attempts to win new users in new regions. The company’s motto, which boosts the global promotion of the brand, sounds very simple: “Once you know, you Newegg”.
When the retailer has submitted documents for the preparation of IPO in the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2010, the materials defined: “Our growth plan depends on the success of the business expansion in China, where e-commerce is still in its infancy.” These hopes did not come true: the Chinese Internet market was divided between Alibaba and Suning. Newegg suffered losses.
However, the company was not discouraged. The head of China’s subsidiary of the retailer said in an interview with local media that Chinese Newegg should earn at least $ 480 million, which will help it to become profitable again.

Best apps for online business news

The number of mobile applications has risen beyond hundreds of thousands. App Store and Google Play have more than 700 thousand each. Downloads come to billions. App Store boasts 50 billion downloads, Google announced “just” 48 billion downloaded apps.
Despite these figures, app market is growing rapidly. There are so many mobile applications, that it is hard to find out what kind of services will be suitable for a particular user. How to choose the in such a vast variety? Here is a list of apps, which will make business research much easier.


Do not worry that Google Reader is not working anymore. The news aggregator Feedly gathers the latest articles from your favorite blogs and news sites (for example, top business sites), as well as podcasts and YouTube channels to which you are subscribed. The material can be shared in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Evernote, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Feedly offers users quite a minimalist design and personalized interface. More than 3 million of Google Reader users have already switched to Feedly.


This simple application allows to monitor the stock prices of different companies. You can keep track of literally everything you need to know, receive notifications, analytics and charts. Perhaps, MyStocks will be useful only for those who are actively involved in the process of investing, however, it also may be useful for other people interested in stock market.

MyStocks is an easy app providing information about stock prices of different companies.
MyStocks is an easy app providing information about stock prices of different companies.


It is a comfortable news app, which adapts to your preferences and needs. News360 shows only the news that you like, for example, live market news, corporate news, etc. However, the app has one considerable disadvantage: the process of adding your news sources is extremely inconvenient. But the app assembled a good storage of sources like LA Times, Variety and Mashable.


For 6 years already, Newsy has been engaged in the analysis of world news and creating on their basis short and comprehensible reports for those who cannot read long texts. After running the application, you will receive a great portion of the video news in a non-stop mode. This is a good way to get an idea of what is happening in the world. The quality of video is excellent; watching one news block does not take more than a couple of minutes. The resources used: The New York Times, The Guardian, Fox News Channel and other major media.


This is the best solution for those who suffer from a lack of news and want to get as much fresh information as possible from all over the world to build an idea of the global picture as a whole. The news in the app are located directly on the map. To find out what is happening now, for example, in China, just click on the icon with the news over its territory. Visualization of news on the map helps to associate them better with the source countries. You can display the news of the last 24 hours or 30 days. But still the country coverage is small. There are many countries on the map, about which you will not find any news.

The ideas of new online businesses

Unconventional thinking can help you to discover how to apply your interests and goals for establishing your online business most appropriately. You may consider existing effective Internet businesses, which could work for you.

Affiliate marketing

Well, this is not a new business. Throughout the life of the Internet resources people speak about potential profitability of affiliate marketing. Marketing experts say that this is is one of the best and easiest ways to start an online business.

Inquiry assistant

If you think there are too many inquiry assistants on the Internet and do not want to compete with them, you are wrong. An inquiry assistant usually services a targeted market and that can give you a competitive advantage. Let’s say you are an avid reader of fiction. Why not to start an online inquiry assistant for fiction authors?


Do you have a special style of writing? Do you love writing? Offer online service for those who need good texts.

Beaded jewellery shop

Do you love beading? The best choice for you is to start your online business, which will allow sell not only your jewellery but also video tutorials about techniques of beading.

Hand-made jewelry shop is a perfect business for a craftswoman.
Hand-made jewelry shop is a perfect business for a craftswoman.

Vintage clothing shop

Perhaps you have a passion for antiques, and you know its value? You can make money off this.

Marketing consulting by e-mail

Email marketing consulting has become a popular Interent service today. Though unfortunately, many companies do not take it seriously. Well, their loss!

Consultation on business

Every day new business coaches appear at the Internet market, and you could do the same.

Life coaching

Life can be difficult, and sometimes people just need a bit of wise tips or support.

Video editing service

Sure, people can edit their videos at home using conventional software, but perhaps you are talented in video graphics? This work supposes your ability to disclose stories through video images. If you can do this, maybe this business idea will suit you!

Small business market research

Every business, even small one, needs a market research. You may help small business owner by solving their problems and providing them necessary information and consultation, but this would require good research skills from you and your ability to analyze news in business.

Personal finance coaching

The major skill is this sphere is information and data arrangement. Who are the users of such service? The clientele is wide: from students and housewives to business executives.

Parenting/bringing up coaching

If you are super mom (or a nanny), why not share your experience online? Parenting is not easy for everyone, thousands of people seek for professional advice and support every day.

Marriage coaching

Nearly 50% (or even more) of marriages end up with a divorce, and therefore it is obvious that such service has met a demand now. If you are interested in marriage and family psychology, this could be the business of your dreams.

Online surveys service

Polls are important in every business sector, but many companies do not have enough time to create and conduct surveys. If you are inquisitive by nature, and know how to ask good questions, this business you will like to do.

Presentation creating

There is nothing worse than listening to a long and boring PowerPoint presentation. Although many speakers and business coaches have a wonderful material, they do not always know how to convert it to an exciting and interesting presentation. If creating visual arts is your forte, and you are an advanced user PowerPoint, consider the establishing of services for creating online presentations.

What to consider when you start a business?

Obviously starting a business is a serious decision that must be considered carefully. Think over your qualities and strong sides of your character you possess, this way you will be sure what may seem easier for you. Here are some points you have to consider before building up a business.

There is always something to consider
There is always something to consider

Are you ready?

It is often said that people start business to become entrepreneurs in order to change their routine work graphic when they have to fulfill a nine-to-five day at their working places. However this only can be a result of a successful business that lies in hard work.

Some people think that businessmen have a lot of time that they can dedicate to themselves. Still, if you decide to take up your own business, be ready that it is going to require most of your time.

Are you sure that you want to risk? Statistics are always quite merciless, according to latest live business news 80 % of all business are likely to fail.

Think over everything involved in your start-up, you are sure to overcome a plenty of failures on your way. All that will take you to spend hours to cope with them.


What makes your idea worth a try?

Not all of successful ideas are unique, e.g. Facebook. But it must be competitive among others. A business idea is the one on which people will spend money. No matter how ridiculous your idea may seem, it is worth a try if there are potential customers. If you product has or is likely to arise an interest among certain auditory, this makes the idea great.

Do you have a plan?

To reach success and materialize an idea you have to plan everything carefully. Only this way you can make it happen. You have to introduce business to audience as something revolutionary. To become competitive you have to make a unique selling point. Besides this try to identify problems you may face in future and prevent them.

Make a business plan. There is always something left to consider and there are always questions you need to answer. That is why it is important to create a strategy using which you will reach your goals.

Can you afford it?

Building a business nowadays has become relatively affordable with tools and software that help automate operational tasks. But these are just part of the many other things that will comprise your startup costs. Employee salaries, infrastructure maintenance, and other services can pile up if you do not plan for them properly.

What are you to do in case you face unpredictable problems? A good thing to do is to find investors who can provide you with financial basis. To get them to help you will need to introduce your designed plan. It has t convince investors that your project is worth it by describing and explaining what you have got in your mind.

After you have answered all these questions you will understand better what you are capable of building and improving in order to keep your business alive. You are certainly going to face more questions on your way. However those we have listed are intended to guide you in the very start of your way.

How to deal with complaints


Maintaining reputation in the times of small business info can be either hard or easy. An overwhelming social media made everything more simple: you have no difficulty moving your business ahead by sharing your offerings and other ads. At the same time any customer can leave their opinion on every single thing. The information that floods social networks can both improve and ruin your reputation.

Letters of complaint can do a lot of harm to your business.
Letters of complaint can do a lot of harm to your business.

Only 20 years ago the only sources of advertisement used to be posters, newspapers and magazines, TV and other means of mass media. In case a customer had something to complaint about, he turned to a manager. The letters of complaint would rarely become public. Today it is different. As mentioned by forbes companies, the way of serving customers has changed. Nowadays a client can say anything by tweeting, making a status or doing a blog.
If you got a negative review, no matter if it was true or not, something must be done. If you pay no attention to it, it won’t do any good to your company. We listed some recommendations that my help you out.

Get positive reviews

It is a good idea to have a plan how to prevent negative reviews. In the first stages of making a business you should focus on it. This is essential for small business, when your business has not expanded yet. For bigger companies a few bad reviews won’t be disastrous as they already have a strong reputation. They already have a great number of reviews, so destroying their image is not so easy.
When you have just started a business, getting complaints are unaffordable for you. However you cannot be liked by everyone, so one day you will probably read a letter of complaint dedicated to your service.

Don’t get upset and try to solve the situation

Assure your customer that he is wrong and that everything can be solved in a peaceful way. Try to find a compromise, offer a discount, free product or give money back. No matter how hard you try, no matter how right you are, you will never win an argument with a unsatisfied client.

Don’t join a debate

If your customer has already posted a review, do not try to reassure them online. It will only ruin your reputation, as other people are likely to take a side of an upset client. Instead of reassuring, just apologize for having delivered some troubles once. After that send a private massage to a client to solve the problem.

Make short answers

The best response is a short, private and polite letter. It must recognize what has been wrong and give a solution. If your customer is already open to a calm conversation, you may ask them to remove a complaint. Assure the client that you want everyone to see that you are able to meet the letters of complaint and you want to reach a positive conclusion.

If the client disagrees to seek compromise and you have no choice left, you may return online and upload your answer that will contain you vision of situation. In this way you will look as a professional who concerns about their business.