Best apps for online business news

The number of mobile applications has risen beyond hundreds of thousands. App Store and Google Play have more than 700 thousand each. Downloads come to billions. App Store boasts 50 billion downloads, Google announced “just” 48 billion downloaded apps.
Despite these figures, app market is growing rapidly. There are so many mobile applications, that it is hard to find out what kind of services will be suitable for a particular user. How to choose the in such a vast variety? Here is a list of apps, which will make business research much easier.


Do not worry that Google Reader is not working anymore. The news aggregator Feedly gathers the latest articles from your favorite blogs and news sites (for example, top business sites), as well as podcasts and YouTube channels to which you are subscribed. The material can be shared in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Evernote, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Feedly offers users quite a minimalist design and personalized interface. More than 3 million of Google Reader users have already switched to Feedly.


This simple application allows to monitor the stock prices of different companies. You can keep track of literally everything you need to know, receive notifications, analytics and charts. Perhaps, MyStocks will be useful only for those who are actively involved in the process of investing, however, it also may be useful for other people interested in stock market.

MyStocks is an easy app providing information about stock prices of different companies.
MyStocks is an easy app providing information about stock prices of different companies.


It is a comfortable news app, which adapts to your preferences and needs. News360 shows only the news that you like, for example, live market news, corporate news, etc. However, the app has one considerable disadvantage: the process of adding your news sources is extremely inconvenient. But the app assembled a good storage of sources like LA Times, Variety and Mashable.


For 6 years already, Newsy has been engaged in the analysis of world news and creating on their basis short and comprehensible reports for those who cannot read long texts. After running the application, you will receive a great portion of the video news in a non-stop mode. This is a good way to get an idea of what is happening in the world. The quality of video is excellent; watching one news block does not take more than a couple of minutes. The resources used: The New York Times, The Guardian, Fox News Channel and other major media.


This is the best solution for those who suffer from a lack of news and want to get as much fresh information as possible from all over the world to build an idea of the global picture as a whole. The news in the app are located directly on the map. To find out what is happening now, for example, in China, just click on the icon with the news over its territory. Visualization of news on the map helps to associate them better with the source countries. You can display the news of the last 24 hours or 30 days. But still the country coverage is small. There are many countries on the map, about which you will not find any news.